In a world that is populated by Netflix and other paid video-on-demand services, Cartoon HD app promises to deliver free content. Yes, a rather big commitment by this small (yet powerful) sized app. Cartoon HD is a free to use app that provides free online video streaming and downloading. Often do people ask – What all does it provide? Basically, this is a masterpiece of an app that provides movies, television shows and series for absolutely free. Users can download the movies and shows for absolutely free, or they can even stream them online. Every single feature of Cartoon HD app is free to use and there are also no micro-transactions.

cartoon hd app

It was launched a few years ago on Play Store, but it had to be taken down. Thankfully, since it is a third-party app, it soon sprouted all over the web for free. With Cartoon HD, so much can be done with so much ease. There is no need to cater to the forever expensive services of Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime anymore. Moreover, you will find all the top rated, latest and the trending movies, shows and even cartoons on Cartoon HD app. Cartoon HD may be small in size, but it runs well on every device that it is compatible with. It can run on a number of operating systems as well.

cartoon hd download

All of this has made Cartoon HD app the best movie and show streaming / downloading app of the time. It is compatible with Android, iOS and it even runs on Windows and Mac. Due to this abundance of platforms where it can run on, this app easily puts other video-on-demand services to shame.

Cartoon HD – Safe to Use

Often people confuse freeware content to be filled with viruses or bugs, but this is not the case with Cartoon HD. It is a clean looking app that has hundreds of features and houses thousands of hours of content. It is totally up to you whether you want to run Cartoon HD on your smartphone, tablet or even on computer. Download this amazing free to use (and to download) app today.


What is the Cartoon HD APK?

It is a video streaming / downloading platform that is loved by millions of Android, iOS and Windows users. Services like Netflix and Hulu provide limited content at high rates. This is not at all welcomed by many people out there. To counter that, there is Cartoon HD App. With this installed on your device, there is no need to buy expensive subscriptions from the aforementioned video-on-demand services. You can find almost every single movie (whether it is latest or a classic) on this app. Talking about TV series, Cartoon HD app houses some of the finest series of all time. Download this app today for free. It is a simply amazing, and super-fast app.

cartoon hd apk

This app is absolutely safe to use (apart from being free). There have been no reports of people getting their devices infected with viruses or other malicious stuff. For all the sceptic people out there, Cartoon HD is a reliable, safe and highly secure to use app. It may be a third-party app, but all of its features are best in-class. It has over 100M active users (official statistics) and it proudly generates a daily traffic of 1-2M. It is basically your one-stop for all the latest movies, series, cartoons and of course, anime. Download it for your smartphones and tablets today at zero cost. With Cartoon HD APK, you will be able to lay your hands-on videos for free.

With a light and easy to understand interface, this app puts every other competitor to shame. It boasts of a database that has got over a thousand movies and series combined. The download / stream quality also ranges from 144p (3GP) to 1080p (Full HD). So, those of you who have a good display will have a great time in using Cartoon HD app.


Why Use Cartoon HD App (App Benefits)?

There is only one word to describe this app – perplexing. You are bound to get baffled with the amazing stuff that it has got to offer. The interface is simple (yet the app is fascinating). It does not lag or cause the device to slow down. There may be similar apps out there, but they tend to fail to deliver so much as Cartoon HD delivers. First and foremost being that it provides all of its content or absolutely free of cost. Since the time of its release (in 2012), it has crossed over 1B downloads. The numbers are still on the rise and your input to the numbers would help the developers. Download Cartoon HD online today if you want movies and shows for free.

cartoon hd download

There are a lot of benefits of using this app. First and foremost being that there is no need to enter any personal details or login credentials. This means that all of the content that is featured on Cartoon HD app is free to access / download. All you have to do is to download Cartoon HD APK and install it. Today, there is a high demand for Full HD movies (and shows), and this app provides it all for free. In case you are wondering that where is the catch, then prepare to be surprised because there is none! The creators had only one agenda behind developing this app, i.e. free movies access for all. And boy, they have done well!

Cartoon HD APK download is a small app that is fast, secure and used by millions. Its simple interface and virus-free nature has made it earn millions of fans from across the globe. Make sure to keep that power-bank handy cause you’ll run out of battery, but the content won’t end soon.


Popular Features of Cartoon HD APK

cartoon hd app

Free Movies and Series

  • Yes, you will find all the latest movies and series for free. This app is the place where you would want to be if you love to binge watch a lot. Stranger Things, Game of Thrones and Black Mirror can be easily binge watched over here (for free). Simply install this app on your Android device. Make sure to keep that internet pack / Wi-Fi activated for streaming / downloading. Cartoon HD APK download is the perfect app for Blu-Ray quality movies and other blockbusters as well.

Cartoons Everywhere

  • Are you into cartoons and anime? Do you like to watch them all day long? Don’t know where to download / stream them from? Well, it is your lucky day (or night, whatever) as Cartoon HD APK download boasts of an impressive library of cartoons. All of the trending and popular cartoons can be found over here for free. You can find Family Guy, The Simpsons as well as anime like Naruto and Dragon Ball Z over here. Get your hands on this app and be the part of the fraternity today.

Lightweight / Safe / Reliable

  • As mentioned earlier, it barely occupies any space on your device. The servers are well secured so that there is no chance for virus attacks. Since it does not require any login details, you need not worry about that. Also, there are no micro-transactions in Cartoon HD APK download as well. Unlike Netflix and Amazon Prime, there is no need to buy monthly/yearly subscriptions. Also, you get unlimited supply of all the latest shows/movies/cartoons as well. It has been tested and used by millions of people (still is).


  • Choose between a list of formats and resolutions for the videos. These range from low quality to highest quality and all of them can be downloaded (for free). You can download as many movies and shows as you want with Cartoon HD APK download. With a collection that has all of Rotten Tomatoes’ / iMDBs best picks, you shall never get bored. It even comes with a video player of its own. So, in case you want to stream movies online (or even the downloaded ones), you can do so easily.
  • Simple interface without bloatwares and ad-free experience – There are no bloatwares in this app. The lack of bloatwares and a well-optimized interface ensures that the app does not crash or lag. Furthermore, since the interface is simple, users do not have a hard time in using it. People from all age groups can enjoy using this app for free. Just make sure that you have an active internet connection and you too can use this app. There are no ads to worry about. Ads consume a lot of internet data and are time-consuming. This app is free from them as well.
  • The cloud has you covered (pun?) – Cloud acceleration comes as a bonus with this app. What it means is that all of the videos taken directly from the massive cloud storage that Cartoon HD APK has. In no way does it save the temporary files on your system (that would consume storage space). Just like YouTube, this app also tends to clear its cache automatically. With the advanced video compression, you get to lay your hands on great quality movies/shows in very small sized package. Cartoon HD APK download is free and you should start using this app today!